In Memory Of My Mother

Celebrating the Golden Anniversary

Today I’m remembering Maxine Gallagher, my mother. She departed this earth on February 19, 2014 so she didn’t make it to this, her 86th birthday. Sometimes remembering is all we can do. If someone you love is old, in fragile health, take some time to remember with them the good things they added to your life, the lessons they taught ... Read More »

What Would You Do If You Were In His Shoes?

Celebrate Our Gray

hy me? Oh, no! This is the end. How will I ever  make it? Are these the kinds of things that go through your mind when you get unwelcome news about yourself and your life? Have you ever thought things were so bad you might as well end it all? Here’s a video about a man who was so despondent ... Read More »

Do You Remember…?

Lucille Clifton Remembers

hat happens to you when the seasons change? I’m not talking about getting out the summer clothes, taking down the Christmas lights and things like that. Is there any change inside you? or me, no matter which season is beginning and which is ending, I feel a mixture of hope and nostalgia. I remember the seasons of years past as ... Read More »

What Is Your Life Calling?

Bring Out Your Inner YOU

did some old-fashioned things recently. First, I read in the newspaper – yes, an actual paper copy – that Jane Pauley had a new book, Your Life Calling: Reimagining the Rest of Your Life, coming out in 2014. Next, I reserved the book and picked up the physical copy from the public library. Here’s what I learned from reading the ... Read More »

Peace at End of Life

Final Months

f you’re like many people, Shakespeare isn’t at the top of your reading list. His works, however, contain many wise words.  “Disturb him not, let him pass peaceably. They also serve who only stand and wait” comes from Henry VI, pt II, act III, scene 3. These are words family members and medical professionals would do well to keep in ... Read More »

Things Your Mother Never Told You About Shopping

How to Remember The Ones You Love

ave you ever shopped for cremation or funeral merchandise? Now I don’t know about you, but I’m not a shopaholic. I like to get in, get what I want, and get out. Walking into the merchandise room at a funeral home can make you want to get out even faster! Unfortunately, I’ve lost both parents in the last 20 months ... Read More »

Can You Believe This Still Happens?

Why Discriminate Against Us?

With liberty and justice for all.” Is that phrase familiar to you? We used to say it every morning when we pledged allegiance to the flag in school. As I age, however, I wonder how many people truly understood what they were saying, how many people actually believe in the concept of liberty and justice not just for select people, ... Read More »

Keeping Life in Perspective

A Great Life Includes Others

here are you in your life’s journey? Do you have aches and pains, doctors and specialists, trouble with mobility and activities of daily living? Perhaps you’re not there yourself yet but are taking care of someone, perhaps an elderly parent, who is. Either way, it’s easy to get sucked into negative thinking about life’s burdens. Let’s look at it another ... Read More »

Something Precious Lost?

Show Me Who Cares

How well do you know your doctor? Even more important, how well does your doctor know you? In Knocking on Heaven’s Door: A Better Way to Death Katy Butler writes that more and more doctors practice as skilled technicians with their own agendas. She states that “something precious–our old faith in a doctor’s calling, perhaps, or in healing that is more ... Read More »